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@spoo333 wrote:

Thanks, Ron. Two more questions regarding the new smart playlists.
Are the e.g. genre descriptions case sensitive? ie: does it make a difference whether it is “tribal techno” or “Tribal Techno”?
How do I define what used to be “Date after 3 weeks ago”, ie the tracks that were added over the last 3 weeks?

They are case sensitive, but if you do an “include”, then it isn’t.


genre includes “Tribal Techno” gets both “tribal techno” and “Tribal Techno”.

as far as the date one, something like:

time_added after 3 weeks before today


time_added > 3 weeks before today

Eventually, I’ll make “ago” a synonym for “before today”, but once you know how they go, it’s okay.

More details here, btw:

— Ron