Reply To: Western Digital Netcenter


Ok, so I thought I’d follow the instructions for the MSS setup, using this guide.

I figured since my twonkyvision install is the MSS version, I might have some success using this guide. Being a complete novice with linux, 2 days and counting I have gotten so far using this guide.

# echo “src nslu2” > /opt/etc/ipkg.conf
# echo “src firefly” >> /opt/etc/ipkg.conf
# ipkg update
# ipkg install mt-daapd
# ipkg install mss-libhelper
# ipkg install mss-ld-so

I am able to execute the first two commands successfully. I have double checked the ipkg.conf and they appear.

The issue arises when I perform the ipkg update command, I am receiving the following message.

# ipkg: not found

Does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks