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I have a WD Netcenter, which I managed to get for a bargain price. I hoped to use as it NAS streaming audio files to my Soundbridge but appear to have run into a dead end in terms of finding the right set up to get it working.

Can anyone give any help or advice as to what I need to to do to get the thing working as a media server without a PC running. I think that this is my last chance before I get sell up and start again.

All help gratefully recieved


The key for any nas is to look for something that has replacement firmware. Particularly repacement firmware that can run unslung optware. There are lots of platforms that do, and those are probably easiest to modify to do interesting things with.

I’m sure that eventually the WD will get hack to run optware, but it’s a waiting game until someone with the ability and desire gets one to hack on. Might take a few months. If you are willing to wait, I think eventually it will be there.

If you don’t want to wait, then you’ll want to look at other avenues for a nas/media server. Someone asked the same question on this thread and I give my opinion.

Generally, though, I think the NSLU2 is probably the best device around in terms of ease of hacking, thorough documentation, and ability to do interesting stuff.

For what it’s worth.

— Ron