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Reply To: Qnap TS201 – Missing Web Interface



@mdp111 wrote:


We have just bought a Qnap TS201 and have found that the pre-installed ‘iTunes server’ is indeed mt-daapd.

We telnet’d in and looked up the port number (3689) and the password (‘qwer’) in /etc/mt-daapd.conf.

Browsing to required the above password but this led to a screen of garbage text instead of the expected web interface.

Does anyone have any idea what may have happened to the interface?
Qnap obviously don’t want us to meddle with the mt-daapd server or they would have given us access.

How can we restore the interface?
Our main aim is to be able to add playlists (smart and standard)

Thank you in advance!

It’s probably what iTunes responds to so when you do a “daap://server” you connect rather than getting the web admin pages.

Might try going right to “http://ip:port/index.html”. That might work.

Failing that, you’ll want to compile a new version and overwrite the built-in one. Or look for a qnap firmware that’s already hacked and/or supports optware/unslung.

— Ron