Reply To: Firefly svn1571 FreeBSD Problems with id3tag


@Osik wrote:

Hello @ all,

I dont get firefly compilated. When I start the configure script it allways says that there is no id3tag support.

So i just added –with-id3tag=……. to the configure commandline. Now the problem is, i tried every possible path in which the id3tag.h is found. but nothing.

Can anyone tell me how exactly to compile it on FreeBSD 6.2?

Thanks for your help.



I’m assuming your id3tag is somewhere like /usr/local/include, and the libraries in /usr/local/lib, right?

If so, use –with-id3tag=/usr/local

I know that’s not right. I’ll fix it at some point, it was just easier for me than doing

–with-id3tag-includes= –with-id3tag-libs=


– Ron