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Reply To: certain file extensions not found by firefly



@volkcher wrote:

I have set up firefly on a NSLU and everything works fine – except: the file extensions, which I need are not found.

As long as I am scanning for .mp3 all files are found and communicated to other itunes clients. But I need the extension .aa

I have already edited the mt-daapd.conf in the extensions section, but nothing changes: .aa files are not found.

It’s probably found, just won’t populate the metadata, because it doesn’t know what an .aa file is, or how to get info like title or author or whatever from it.

Not only that, but iTunes won’t play an .aa file, so it has to be transcoded. DO you have a script to turn that into a wav audio? That’s what you’ll need to get it running.

Another problem: Using the web interface, I can change and submit the parameters – but as soon as I refresh the page, the old parameters show up.

My only chance is directly editing the .conf file and restarting the server. What am I doing wrong?

Probably the config file isn’t writable by the daemon. Assuming your slug isn’t a multi-user device, you can probably fix that by making it world writable. Make sure you understand the security implications of that befor eyou do it, though:

# chmod 666 /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf

should do it.

— Ron