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@dscycler wrote:

The iTunes playlists do not disappear on re-scans. But they are empty after install and a normal startup except for Radio.

They are also empty after a Debug Mode run. But then “mysteriously” (apparently on a rescan after a normal mode startup) all songs are in fact in the Music playlist on the M1000 and available via the browse functions.

So far things appear to be good other than my post install confusion.

By the way, the install required 1 UAC popup only on Vista so that part looks quite good.

Thanks…….. 😀

Oh, yeah, should have noted that in the notes. It will take *two* regular scans (or one full scan) to get the playlists fixed. After that, they should be stable.

Same with debug mode. I think you’ve probably got a virtualization directory set up from an older install (Check C:UsersUser_nameAppDataLocalVirtualStore.. there is probably a “Program FilesFirefly Media Server” directory there… Whack it, and your debug stuff should work right).

— Ron