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@sansp00 wrote:

Basically, with photo sharing, I could just open up the port for the sharing, just like daap. On top of that, you would not need to rescan all the pics each time you access your hdd, you could add some meta data and browse by criteria, just like with the music.
Patrick S.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for! My question is, how would the meta data get associated with the pics? I was playing with keywords in iPhoto today, and none of that data showed up when I looked at the picture file in Finder. And adding keywords in Picasa on Windows didn’t show up when viewing pics in Explorer. So I guess those applications store all of that data in their own database files or something. I haven’t messed with any of the Linux-based photo management applications to see how they deal with keywords and stuff, but it appears that there would need to be some sort of front-end application to associate the meta data with the pictures. Or maybe I’m way off and just need to get some sleep.