Reply To: Photo broadcasting


A DPAP server for sharing photos over the network with iPhoto is exactly what I’ve been looking for recently. I’ve been wanting to move the main repository of photos off of my wife’s iMac, as she also uses the iPhoto library to store the freelance photography she does, and I’m not really interested in managing multiple libraries. I’d also much rather be storing all the photos on a server with nobody needing to be logged in for sharing to work.

I’ve currently got Firefly Media Server running on the Windows Home Server beta, and it’s working wonderfully, but I’m going to be setting up a linux server soon and loading mt-daap on it. If some work got going on a dpap server to complement the daap server, it would be wonderful. Then I could share my photos the same way I share music, and I wouldn’t have to go spend more money than I can really afford to buy another Mac to run it on.

If I knew anything about programming, I’d offer to help develop a dpap server, but unfortunately my expertise is limited to the hardware side of things. I’ll be happy to get involved in testing if something gets going, though.