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Is there a “fix” for this?

As I understand it, iTunes allows you to burn a CD with your music on it. You can then rip the CD and encode it how you like.

Another way (on a PC) is to use a program such as Total Recorder – it grabs anything sent to your sound card and allows you to save it.

Remembering of course that you are losing quality doing that… quality you already paid for when you downloaded the DRM version.

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I’m hoping that the music industry has noticed that I’m not buying DRM audio, and won’t until I can get DRM free audio.

I’m not buying any either – and here in the UK, if you want a whole album, the CD is often cheaper anyway.

/me nods. I have a cd exchange right next to my office, so that’s my thing. Still, I wish they would get it. I buy a lot more music when I can listen to singles or buy singles and then decide to buy the album. Their loss, I guess. Maybe with EMI opening up, the rest will follow suit.