Reply To: Stream to AppleTV?


@volatile.memory wrote:

Anyone had any luck streaming directly to AppleTV? I’ve tried the latest stable version, and one of the nightlies.. I can see everything fine via iTunes (on Mac and PC), but I can’t get anything directly to AppleTV.

Anyone? Anyone? 🙁


Won’t go. Uses PKI to authenticate with the iTunes client, and looks to take more mojo than I have to make it work. Plus, even if you did manage to tease out a certificate from iTunes, apple would just make it invalid next firmware update to the appletv.

Basically, it looks like they don’t want to stream from third-party apps. So any attempt at trying to do so will just break every software update. Not worth chasing, IMHO. Look at the hymn project for evidence of that.

I think the best idea is a plug-in on the appletv side. I’ve played around a bit with the plugin stuff, but haven’t really had time to sit down and play seriously with it.

Anybody out there a good cocoa programmer? Probably wouldn’t be too tough to hack out a client for it.