Reply To: share disappearing in iTunes,but reappears on daemon restart


Thanks very much for your reply, your work is greatly appreciated!
I haven’t yet noticed the share disappearing in itunes after 30 minutes, I should do more tests on that. If the share appears, it tends to stick there until I restart iTunes. But then it won’t show up again until I restart Firefly on the slug or the beacon on the Mac.

Now whatever the restart of mt-daapd/mt-daapd sends, I have two questions:

a) is this specific packet creation/sending expensive resourcewise?
b) if not: could you add a debug flag to Firefly which allows it to be sent, say, every 20 seconds? I wouldn’t mind some bits of UDP traffic if Firefly would work perfectly afterwards. This of course would only be possible if the packet doesn’t break existing streams.


P.S.: My router sadly does not allow multicast control. But I could try to go hunting for specific packets if it could help you find the cause.