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@blamm wrote:

This is becoming interesting. I re-ripped my new CD to FLAC using my regular PC and it worked. The FLACs that didn’t work yesterday came from a brand new install of Foobar2000 and the latest flac.exe on a new PC. I think there was a new release of FLAC recently. Is that the problem?

Hmm…what version of FLAC is Foobar using? I’ve been testing with dbPowerAmp’s beta FLAC 1.1.4 encoder (which is the latest available from Xiph, AFAIK), and haven’t had any problems with mt-daapd SVN-1545 on nslu2.

I *have* had issues with FLACs that had ID3 tags (was trying that out too). So I’ll be sticking with Vorbis comments for tagging.