Reply To: Firefly and iTunes 7 (Mac OS X)


@duncypoo wrote:

I’m having trouble using Firefly to stream my iTunes library and playlists to my Ubuntu laptop, hoping for help!

I have Firefly point to the folder containing the iTunes Library and iTunes Library.xml files. These link to music on a seperate partition.

Firefly found everything, and worked like a charm, but it doesn’t seem to update itself. If I remove playlists it doesn’t seem to detect this, nor if I add songs or playlists. I removed the Firefly folder in /Library/Application Support/ and did a full re-scan manually (which takes an age). This found my new music, but didn’t remove the deleted playlists.

Anyone offer advice?


It doesn’t completely support the iTunes update protocol (but then, I’m not sure if the client you are using does either), so the only way to update the library from the client perspective is to disconnect and reconnect. So that might explain some of the issues.

The other issue would be rescanning. The web interface (from the prefs panel there is a button to push to get to the web interface) config page has an entry for “rescan interval”. That’s how long before it rescans.

You should be able to do just a regular “scan”, and it should scan fairly quickly, and update your playlists. Assuming that does, then the background scan should do the same thing.

I’m guessing the things that got you were either:

1. not waiting long enough for it to rescan (default is 10 minutes)
2. not disconnecting and reconnecting to see the change.

— Ron