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@Ted Harper wrote:

On my NSLU2 I run both Firefly (latest nightly) and Twonkyvision (a couple of releases old – their install/upgrade doesn’t go very smoothly on my box). Both look at the same library of about 6000 tracks. I have both Firefly and Twonky set for manual rescanning of the library, as I don’t buy new CDs or edit tags more than maybe once a week, and I didn’t want them to trip over eachother. My NSLU2 is not de-underclocked and it works fine.

OK that’s good to hear, although of course it’s best to not run more than you really have to…
As for the installation, I have replaced Unslung with Debian Etch last night for a number of reasons (UTF-8 support, not having to wait for ipkg builds to appear etc.) and I have just installed the little endian ARM build of TwonkyVision. Why on earth it is so complicated to install the Unslung version of Twonky and make the installer all Windows based?

@Ted Harper wrote:

Twonkyvision is pretty inexpensive to buy … I think it would still be worthwhile for you if you need UPNP AV serving right now from your NSLU2.

Fortunately my need for it isn’t that immediate but I will give this 30-day trial version a go. I’m also gonna take a look at Mediatomb, that looks quite interesting too.

@bernt wrote:

Last time I checked (a year ago?) there was no good upnp client for Windows.

Firefly and iTunes is the best way to stream music to Windows.

I agree with what you’re saying, but iTunes is a big no-no in this house 🙂
My girlfriend may be computer illiterate, yes even hate them, but at least she hasn’t succumbed to the whole evil iTunes or Windows Media Player lock-in. She’s using MediaMonkey, the only Windows application I sorely miss on Linux;, not even the brilliant Amarok comes close to that.

Sadly there are no plans to port it to Linux, and currently there is no UPnP and/or DAAP support, although something is in the pipeline apparently.

This leads me to fizze’s reply:
@fizze wrote:

For Windows there are actually other DAAP clients:
First and foremost Id like to mention the excellent
ml-daap plugin for winamp. It integrates well in the winamp Media Library. I’ve been using Winamp since it first came out and always liked it.

MediaMonkey can use (some) Winamp plugins (I have used the plugin with success) so I’m definitely gonna try this in MediaMonkey. Failing that, if she wants to stream my music, she can always load up Winamp which is what she was using before MediaMonkey,

Thanks all for your replies!