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@mre wrote:

Before I start, I want point out that this is not a DAAP vs. UPnP, which one’s better kinda thread? I would like some genuine advice.

No problem.

Also, most streaming media hardware, such as the Roku, seem to be based on UPnP (due to DAAP licensing restrictions?).

The soundbridge is also a daap client. In fact, it’s a better daap client than it is a upnp client, although it will do upnp.

Now the question is, am I right in saying that I would need a UPnP media server to share my music with the XP machine and a DAAP server to share with my Linux boxes?

Really, it depends on your clients. For my clients and usage patterns, daap only as a server works okay. Without iTunes on windows, though, you probably will have to find another solution.

UPnP might be it.

At some point I hope to have a UPnP front-end to this server, and then this might be a more viable option for you, but given your constraints, it seems like you’ll need something else for serving windows. And I’m with you — it doesn’t make sense to run two servers, when you could just run one.

If you are interested in the idea of multiple servers, watch the nightlies site – There is an rss feed there, and watch for upnp developments. If you were interested in testing, I would appreciate a tester for UPnP.

— Ron