Reply To: Various problems using NSLU2 and Amarok


OK, I have just created a brand new MySQL database for Amarok and populated it with a dozen tracks or so – nothing to cause Amarok to trip.

Unfortunately the symptoms are still the same as reported before. Next thing I’ll try is to completely uninstall, then reinstall Amarok. Sometime later this week I’ll rebuild my laptop too to try it with Amarok there.

I did have a go at installing both Banshee and Rhythmbox but I quickly aborted the installation process when I saw that Banshee wanted to download and install 101 packages, adding a total of 230 MB and Rhythmbox wanted to install 85 package, adding 224 MB. It’s all Gnome dependencies (I run Kubuntu, so KDE) but install over 200 MB for just a media player is a bit much and the problem is that some of them are meta packages so uninstalling everything is gonna be a pain,

I’ll try Rhythmbox or Banshee from a Ubuntu live CD instead some time this week and I’ll keep you posted.