Reply To: Various problems using NSLU2 and Amarok


I’ll give Banshee a try to see if it helps, but I’m starting to suspect there’s something wrong with Amarok’s database…

I have an album called ‘Mein Flügelschlag’ by the Austrian 🙂 band Dornenreich, however when I do a search in Amarok for that album I get 29 other albums by that name but by completely different artists! Upon checking the tags for each of these albums, I found that the album tag still contains the original title and not ‘Mein Flügelschlag’; this indicates a problem with one of the tables in the database…

Being a MySQL noob, I now have to figure out how to either repair the database or to create a new one 😕

This raises another question: will Firefly’s SQlite database be OK handling 19,000+ songs? I switched from Amarok’s SQlite database to MySQL because of performance issues (which haven’t really disappeared but that may be because of some other performance issues my Kubuntu install is suffering from).