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Reply To: Various problems using NSLU2 and Amarok



Wow, some significant improvements here, most notably with the speed!! Skipping between songs is almost as fast as with local tracks, cool! Well, when it works, that is…
And yes, the new web interface is great,

Not all problems have disappeared though…

The Gary Numan track described in my initial post no longer changes its title tag to a number once the track is being played and the same goes for the other tracks that showed this behaviour.
However, instead the track number disappears from the playlist for each of the tracks the moment it is played. None of the other MP3s I have tried so far have done this.
I just noticed that with different albums it ‘removes’ different tags from the playlist; for example whereas with Gary Numan’s ‘Dance’ album it removes the track number tag, with Burzum’s Hlidskalf it removes the album tag.

Both Ogg and FLAC tracks now appear correctly in the Shared Media list, sorted by artist/album and the tags display correctly when dragging them onto the playlist. However, the problem where the streaming filename (a number) becomes the title tag, and wiping the other tags (from the playlist, that is) once you play the track now occurs with certain Ogg files (it didn’t before) and also affects FLAC.

The ‘no suitable input plugin’ error when skipping tracks still occurs a lot, although complete at random it seems.

I fully appreciate that as this is a nightly build, not everything may work as designed, but is there anything else to configure that could solve these problems? Are other people seeing the same symptoms?