Reply To: svn-1549 requires admin pw for applet.html instead music pw


@mas wrote:

Older versions would require first the admin password and then the music password to get the applet.html to work. These versions had a bug where also the smart playlist option in the admin interface would require entering the music password. Thankfully that is fixed and works now with only the admin password. Already a step forwords, but its not entirely as it should be.

applet.html right now insists to get the admin password. As it does the exact same as playing back the music as any rsp/daap client would do, it should really require the music password, never the admin password. After all it makes only sense to use these 2 different passwords, if they are used in the proper places.

That’s a reasonable argument, but I can’t do that yet. The authentication for the admin pages is a single authentication. If I were to make it only require user permissions, then it would only require user permissions for the configuration page as well.

If you want to run it that way, just serve the applet.html off another web service on the same box — the auth prompt comes from feeding the “applet.html” page, not from anything the applet does.