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@paddy481 wrote:

I am a new Firefly user. Running a Soundbridge 2000 w/latest software, Windows XP Pro SP2, and Windows MP 10. After installing Bonjour and Firefly successfully I opened the configuration window to point to my music library which is on a second drive [D:Audio Collection]. It appears to scan correctly and Firefly restarts. Turn on Soundbridge and most of the tracks are there for browsing (i.e. Artist/Album/Genre). However, none of my Windows Media Player Playlists are there (I have 30). Do I need to take additional steps for the playlists to appear/play. I use my Soundbridge 90% of the time for playlist function. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


They need to be saved as .m3u playlists, not the native windows media player playlists. At some point I hope to read the windows media ones, but not yet.

— Ron