Reply To: mt-daapd suddenly disappears from iTunes / FreeBSD 6.2


@foging wrote:

On feisty it’s probably a problem with using two different multicast daemons. I’d guess that feisty is probably using avahi, and you may be using a different one on your workstation.

How did you compile it, or where did you get the package from?

I did:
>apt-get install mt-daapd

it installed just fine, I could log into the web-page but the service didn’t show up in iTunes. After some searching here I restarted the avahi-daemon and mt-daapd started showing up in iTunes. It seems to work as long as I play music, but when its not used it disappears after a while.

How do I know if I’m running multiple multicast daemons?

If you got it from the etch repository, then you are fine — it’s using avahi. If it shows up when you start avahi and then goes away after a half hour or so, then it’s a firewall issue. I think your feisty box has a built-in firewall. You’ll need to add an exception for multicast, but that’s a question better asked on the ubuntu forums, I think.

— Ron