Reply To: Synology CS-406 and Pinnacle (Roku) SoundBridge M1001


@SydneyGuy wrote:

OK here’s the latest update. It was all working when I got home tonight and my SoundBridge was able to see the server and play music. But unfortunately it did crash some time later. The entire contents of the log file is below

2007-05-23 19:51:11 (00014003): Thread 3: Entering ws_returnerror (401: Unauthorized)
2007-05-23 19:53:57 (00004000): Got HUP signal.
2007-05-23 19:53:59 (00004000): Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.
2007-05-23 19:53:59: Aborting

These are all mostly normal. It was apparently asked to shut down. Or maybe not to shut down, but something sent it a HUP signal. Any idea where that might have come from?