Reply To: Synology CS-406 and Pinnacle (Roku) SoundBridge M1001


@SydneyGuy wrote:

Sorry for the multiple messages ….

As I said above I managed to find the Web Admin page. All was OK (apart from the songs served count) but after a while it prompted me for username/password again. Entering the correct password was to no avail. It just kept reprompting. I had to telnet to the server and restart the daemon so that I could get to the Web Admin page again. It took about 3 minutes before I could actually access it but it eventually became available. I’m not sure if it will die again but I am presuming it will. If there is somewhere I can look to get an idea of what happened just let me know and I’ll get the log and post it.

I wonder if you have two of them running. It should automatically start up at boot, although it might take 5 minutes or so to start up — it’s competing with all the other things starting up, and so might take a while.

I wonder if when you started it, you started another version.

Or something.