Reply To: Synology CS-406 and Pinnacle (Roku) SoundBridge M1001


@awenger wrote:

Hey Ron,

Thanks for your great job on the port to the DS101g! I got it working on my DS-106e by following your guide (Since I’m a linux n00b), I didn’t found any bugs after using it for 7 days.

Since I’m going to upgrade to a 4 disk Synology NAS, I want to bring back my Synology DS-106e back to factory defaults. Can you please tell me how to unistall FFMS, IPKG and the other packages (libid3tag, libogg, ivorbis-tools, flac, bash, alac-decoder, sqlite)?

You can “ipkg remove” those files, but I think they are all sitting out of the way in “/opt”. Anything there can probably be safely removed, and the optware enabler script will create it again if you want/need it.

— Ron