Reply To: Synology CS-406 and Pinnacle (Roku) SoundBridge M1001


@rpedde wrote:

This is the second request I’ve had for this, but I haven’t been able to find any optware-enabled firmware for it, or even any info on a compiler toolchain for it.

Have you run across anything like that?

I’m afraid I am no expert in the UNIX field. I learnt a bit of it back at university in the early 80’s but that’s it. I’ve seen the term optware but have no idea what it is. I know what a compiler is but don’t know where you would find one for the CS-406. Having said that, the CS-406 is a Power PC based machine. I have seen some forum posts of people running this on the Synology DS-106 which I believe is also Power PC based so maybe there is commonality there that we can make use of.

I’d really love to help you sort this out as it would obviously help me as well. I’m reading a few different forums at the moment trying to work out the best way to go. If I come across anything that I think will help I’ll definitely post it here.

I hope I don’t have to run custom firmware on the CS-406 but I am not averse to loading additional software. I managed that last night to enable telnet and to get Twonky running. At least I could remember ls -al, cd and chmod …. not bad from almost 30 years ago!!!