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Reply To: svn-1545 is chatty with syslog



@gonzo wrote:

Hi Ron,

Some of that really is chattier than it should be. I’ll have to look at what goes into the syslog right now. I know the windows event log I already tuned down a bit, I may need to do it again.

thanks! The easiest way is probably to tune the severity levels. The stuff I see should probably be for the “I’m now doing x” stuff and maybe daemon.notice for special actions like “upgrading db”.

Have a nice weekend,

Not sure how I’m mapping the warning levels. But that sounds like a reasonable level. I’m not sure I *ever* want debug quantities going into syslog, only to logfile, so I need to separate what goes into syslog, what goes into logfile, and what goes into both, and at what level.