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Reply To: how to put audios on my slug



thanks for the fast reply.

At the moment, I am not at my PC/slug – but I will check the things after work.

Only for my understanding before I do the things:
Ron, you wrote, that I can make a “mp3” folder in “public”.
When I open the windows explorer on my PC, I see two folders at my slug, admin 2 and disk 2 (the hdd is in slot 2). In the admin 2 folder, there is a public folder (the disk 2 folder is empty). Shall I make the mp3 folder in this existing public folder of admin 2?
Is it necessary to call the the folder mp3 or is it possible to use other names for that folder such as audios or something else? I guess, than I have to rename the music folder in the firefly media server via the web interface, too.

thanks a lot for your help