Reply To: Firefly 1545 and Pinnacle Soundbridge Home Music


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@Metzeler wrote:

2007-04-19 21:03:43 (0006a803): Executing: select * from songs where id=1074
2007-04-19 21:03:43 (0006a803): Thread 424: Error opening /SHARE/HDD/DATA/HDD_1_1_1/MUSIK/ROCK/POGUES/09 THE POGUES – RAIN STREET.MP3: No such file or directory
2007-04-19 21:03:43 (0006a803): Thread 424: Entering ws_returnerror (404: Not found)

Have you set your configuration to be case sensitive in the advanced config ?

That’s it, probably. It should be *not* case sensitive. Change that flag, re-scan and it should be golden.

— Ron