Reply To: SVN-1545 requires user-id and password for web admin interfa


@hans.t wrote:

Ron, bad news. This bug was not completely fixed in 1549! My soundbridge is now available without password, but I still can not get into the web admin interface (asks for user-id and password).

That’s “normal new”. I had it set up so that you didn’t have to have a password to connect from the local machine to the web interface ever. But that means that anyone sitting down at the machine can access the web interface. Which is bad on a multi-user system, like a unix machine or a windows terminal server, or when fast user switching is enabled, etc.

So instead it’s now set so that you don’t need a password from localhost only if the admin password isn’t already set.

I think for some of the first builds I set the default password to “firefly”. I’m not sure how to fix that, except maybe turn off the password on an install if it’s already set to “firefly”. Then you won’t need a password from localhost (just like before), and people can still change the password if they want.

Does that make sense?