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Reply To: SVN-1545 requires user-id and password for web admin interfa



@hans.t wrote:

Hi, after switching to SVN-1545 (Windows XP SP2) when I want to open the web admin interface IE 7 comes with a message, stating that Server localhost requires a user-id and password. I have no clue to what these might be and in previous versions I did not get that question.

It’s probably “firefly”.

Moreover (as I just discovered) my Soundbridge also wants a password (while the security checkbox in the media server is empty)… and obviously I do not know that password either. When I do put a password in the security area of the media server (and mark the checkbox) I can enter the music library with that password. After unchecking the security checkbox again the Soundbridge still requires a password (which is my previously entered one) but does not give acces to the web admin interface (no password).

That’s a bug!

— Ron