Reply To: Feisty Fawn + mtdaapd = Bonjour won’t start…


@nathanziarek wrote:

OK, well, I don’t have any idea what is going on. I removed the custom config file, resintalled mt-daapd using mrblack’s method, edited the newly created config and it all starts up fine. When I go to the web page, though, it is the old non-AJAXy version. I was starting to really dig the new one.

So, since it seems I am running the same version anyway, I guess I’ll just go back to the apt-get version (unless I should go to a nightly, but I’m guessing you all would get sick of me pretty quick if I was using an unstable verion 🙂

Advice, as always, is appreciated.


I’d not use 0.2.4. It’s *old*.