Reply To: Feisty Fawn + mtdaapd = Bonjour won’t start…


@nathanziarek wrote:

mt-daapd/Firefly Version: svn-1376
Server Operating System: Ubuntu 7.03 Feisty Fawn
Server Hardware: Pentium 4, 2500 MHz
Client Device: iTunes 7.1 for Mac
Connection of clients: Mac through router (connection working)

The computer, other than some ffmpeg stuff, is a brand new install.

To install Firefly Media Server, I simply used

sudo apt-get mt-daapd

It installed without a fuss. I logged into the web administration and changed my settings (Server Name, file types, etc). Everything took. When the server didn’t show up in iTunes, I first restarted the daemon

sudo /etc/init.d/mt-daapd restart

before noticing that in the web interface it says Bonjour is stopped.

I stopped the daemon and ran

sudo mt-daapd -f

to see what sort of errors I received. Thing is, it worked fine. The server showed up in iTunes and I was able to stream my music and videos.

I know I am not using the latest nightly version, so perhaps this is a worthless report. I was trying to come up with an easy way to get it all installed, and using apt-get certainly fits the bill 🙂



Is it possible you had an old version installed before that? 0.2.4, maybe?

And was avahi running before you started it the first time?