Reply To: admin page working… but Bonjour service changes to stopped


Thanks to some pointers from rpedde!

After I realized that avahi was running, and I’d not ./configured to use that service I killed the Avahi server and stopped it from starting on reboot with a simple change to avahi-daemon.conf in /etc/default

I then made sure that howl was in place, (multiple instances of firefly might be a goal later) reconfigured mt-daapd with

./configure –prefix=/usr/local –enable-browse –enable-query –enable-mdns –enable-howl
–with-howl-includes=/usr/local/include/howl –with-id3tag=/usr/local –sysconfdir=/etc –enable-sqlite

started the howl service with…


and then restarted firefly…. using the script I copied from :

…and what do you know, I’m in business!
I can see the web interface (although Bonjour is still labelled as stopped)
and I can more importantly get to my mp3 through iTunes on a wired and wireless PC!

I added a line to start the howl service in my firefly startup script /etc/init.d/firefly… and rebooted…. (breath held) … it worked!

Feeling the giddy high of technical success I went even further and put rendezvous on my laptop with SSHtunnel, and can now access my Linkstation firefly server on the move across the wide expanse of the interweb!

** Instructions for the Rendezvous-SSH tunnelling at:

A big thanks the rpedde! I was lost without your help!


(confirmed firefly fan)