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Reply To: admin page working… but Bonjour service changes to stopped



Running Debian which I installed using some instruction from the linkstation wiki last year (before the openlink package became available and made it all alot easier!)

Kernel 2.4.20 – GNU/linux

I built and installed Firefly using the latest nightly and the instructions listed at

nothing of note interrupted the installation… and my final firefly screen looks much the same as the one illustrated.

Everything is great apart from not being able to see any shared files in iTunes

the network between PC and linkstation is wired… through a Bebox router
but there doesn’t seem to be anything funky happening with port 3689 as I can share mp3 between two PC’s running itunes (1 wired, 1 wireless) fine!


The only thing I’m running on the linkstation is torrentflux (a python script) on a lighttpd server.. but I’m not using it with bit torrents at the moment

any thoughts?