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@JasonB wrote:

Hi there,

Newbie LINUX & FIREFLY user here

I followed the instructions on installing Firefly onto my Linkstation 2 (mipsel) and all seemed to go well.

I started the service, went to the web page on port 3689 on a PC (wired ethernet) and noticed that although the glorious firefly page was showing (SVN-1539)

and it managed to scan and show the 1 mp3 I had put in the appropriate directory.

The Bonjour service was shown as STOPPED, and on refreshing the page seemed to go from ‘RUNNING’ to ‘STOPPED’ almost instantly

iTunes (PC, didn’t see any listing for any shared tunes ;o(
I checked that “search for shared libraries” was on.. and turned on another PC with a iTunes and a shared library just to make sure the iTunes side of things was working…. fine!

So, I set the Firefly server debug level to 9, turned on the log and started up the latest iTunes again..

I opened up the admin web page, and also turned on iTunes before sending the shutdown command to Firefly, and grabbing the log file.

This is what I collected… I can’t see anything wrong… help!

The log file is a plain text file here

any help appreciated.



Looks okay. The rendezvous server seems to be running okay… what firmware and stuff are you running on the linkstation?

openlink? freelink? And where did the package come from? Or did you build it yourself?

Also, is the whole network wired, end to end, from the linkstatoin to the pc? Over a single switch?