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@greenleaf wrote:

I guess we mere consumers weren’t meant to use our own photos that we have taken with our own cameras however we ourselves see fit. I think it’s a sad day when I can more easily share music that someone else created more easily than I can photos that I myself created.

That seems not quite right — you aren’t restricted from using them any way you want, so long as you have the wherewithal to make it happen. It’s not like DRM or something where your actual ability to use the items has been removed. What’s standing in your way is time, essentially. There aren’t any artificial roadblocks to your making a nifty photo publishing or sharing application.

I guess for now I’ll just keep dealing with my photos the way I have been and just wait and hope that DPAP sharing makes its way into either Firefly or another similar server program, because what Firefly does for music is exactly what I would like to do for my photos, since my wife and I have multiple computers and multiple operating systems that all need access to the same photos.

I think you’ll still have problems, though, as the only dpap clients I know of are iphoto and appletv. So you still won’t have a windows client. Unless there is a windows dpap client I don’t know about.

I think web based is the most portable application you’ll likely find.

— Ron