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Reply To: Configuration page blank on browser



Indeed, resolving something that you can’t see is a bit tough.

I’ll keep it here just for the record:
– Since the first post, I already downloaded and installed svn-1545
– I did erase all the browser cached files
– I installed back IE7 updated to the bone
(Of course, no success…)

There are no plugins or anything else that I can think of, that would cause this behaviour.

In my particular case, I won’t complain to run firefox, or even edit the config file manually, when I need to configure firefly. Let’s leave this topic alone and archived in case someone else gets the same sympthon in the future or figures out a suggestion.

My real music server is actually the other computer, that one where firefly works fine. And even that one will be discarded in the near future, as I’m wating for my already ordered NSLU2 to arrive. (So maybe I will have new, different problems, in the near future…)

Thanks again for the help, and I’ll be with my eyes open to whatever I can help as well.