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@siraiwa wrote:

I have Javascritp enabled, it was version 1.5.0_11 (quite recent), and I just updated to 1.6.0_01, but to no avail. Visiting

Actually Java has nothing to do with javascript in your browser. It’s just that the marketing people at Netscape, back in the days, decided to try to feed off the java hype and renamed their browser scripting language from Livescript to Javascript. And ever after we have to live with the confusion.

Could you in IE7 go to “Internet Options | Advanced” and under the “Browsing” check the item “Display a notification about every script error”.
If there is something wrong on the config page the browser will give you a warning and show you some kind of error message.
Remember to de-check the option after you’re done, otherwise surfing the net will be a major pain, the net is full of badly written javascript code.