Reply To: Firefly on Maxtor Shared Store II


@jes wrote:


I’m a newbee who currently have purcased a SB1001 and a Maxtor Shared Store II.

My idea was to let the NAS be a Firefly musicstreamer.

I can see in other treads that it’s possible with Maxtor Shared Store, but is it possible on Shared Store II or should I return it?

It doesn’t looke like the MSS II has replacement firmware yet. I’m sure it will eventually, but if it’s something you want to do *now*, then you probably won’t have good luck with the MSS II.

You might look to something more short-term hackable. The HP MediaVault looks promising, and one of the HP engineers actually has a build of a recent nightly available. I hope to get it running unslung soon as well, as I just picked one up last weekend.

Failing that, linkstations that can run freelink are a good choice, as is (of course) the nslu2.

— Ron