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@jtbse wrote:

Something I’ve noticed that I’m curious about.

The initial connection to mt-daapd (on nslu2) from iTunes is significantly slower than from my SoundBridge(s). My library is about 6500 songs, and when I first click on my server in iTunes it takes about 50 seconds to load (svn-1539 actually cut this from 1min50sec in svn-1498!!)

But connecting to the library from a SoundBridge allows me to start browsing almost immediately (within 5 seconds).

It isn’t really a big deal for me since I use iTunes so infrequently (usually just to test things).

But what’s the diff here? Is it that RSP is that much faster than DAAP? Or is it that DAAP requires sending more complete library info? Or is just that iTunes on Windows is slow?

I haven’t bothered turning on a packet trace to see what’s going on yet…maybe that’s the next way to scratch my itch. 😕

Ya, that’s entirely daap vs. rsp. There are several reasons for that — one is because when iTunes connects, it fetches everything at once — all the playlists, all the details on all the files, etc.

The soundbridge, though, just fetches what it needs. It doesn’t fetch playlist info until you start browsing a specific playlist, for example.

I’m going to start moving playlists back out of the database, and that should help the daap performance some, but we’ll see.

— Ron