Reply To: Building on a NSLU2


@sansp00 wrote:

I am probably going to sound very stupid …
What the hell does this mean:
You should add the contents of `/opt/share/aclocal/libtool.m4′ to `aclocal.m4′.

I have been trying to get mt-daapd to compile on my slug without much success 🙁

Autotools suck — it doesn’t seem to be possible (unless you follow the auto* mailing lists for a living) to be able to write a configure script that works across all versions of autoconf.

If you are trying to follow from svn, you’ll have to have the same version of autotools I do, which is:

autoconf 2.60
automake 1.8.5
libtool 1.5.22

Other than that, I wouldn’t guarantee that it would generate correct makefiles from the

If you are just trying to hack on the code a bit, or to compile from source, it *should* work with just a ./configure from one of hte nightly tarballs. Does it not?

— Ron