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@srobin wrote:

mt-daapd: 0.2.4-2
Server Hardware: Synology DS-106e running NSLU2
Client Device: iTunes 7.1.1 for Windows

The installation of mt-daapd 0.2.4-2 was easy. I did it like it was described on

After this installation i tried to update to the newest relase, but it didnt work. I tried it like this:

1. echo “src firefly” > /etc/ipkg/firefly.conf
2. ipkg update
3. ipkg install mt-daapd

The synology 106 is powerpc, not armeb. I don’t have a synology feed set up. Someone was asking for one, though, and if they can provide me with toolchain setup instructions, I’ll start providing nightly builds for it.

But right now I don’t. If you want to run nightlies, you’ll have to either wait for me to put together a build chain for it, or build it yourself on the device itself.

— Ron