Reply To: rescan interval–how about using minutes?


@toecheese wrote:

This is minor I know, but who needs to rescan their library in a number definable in seconds? I want firefly to rescan my library only a couple of times a week and I need to break out a calculator to figure out how many seconds that is. Wouldn’t making this field use minutes make it easier for 99% of users?

Because you know 3.5 days in minutes, but not seconds? I’m pretty sure I’d have to break out the calculator for that one, too. 🙂

Yeah, I guess I could, but I’m kind of reluctant to do it now, since it’s already ingrained that way.

Guess I could make some helpers for it, like accept something like:

3.5d or 24h or something like that. I don’t mind that idea.

— Ron