Reply To: ‘idx’ and ‘disable’ fields in database


@fizze wrote:

You wouldn’t mind sharing that script, mpoly? 😉
I hate having to tap into the webinterface to have firefly force a scan for some 10 new tracks …..

thx in advance.

It is a quickly-put-together perl script right now, that will need to be touched up in order to work for you. Two things might interest you:

I use “Album Artist” instead of “Artist”, and some other substitutions that are specific to the way I organize things.

I dynamically populate the ‘grouping’ field with single-character codes that I then use in smart playlists, using rules based on genres and other flags.

It does not yet handle static playlists. Also all my tags are UTF-8, so I don’t bother with code to parse other codepages.

I don’t want to publically post code that’s really not ready (I just hacked it together to meet my needs without any thought of releasing it, you know how that works). If you want it, just send me a message at I will add some comments before I send it out.

I suspect that you might be able to use it as a starting point for something useful to you.