Reply To: art_filename


I took the plunge and added art once I found the art_filename thing was messing up the alac files. Omni encoder (see hydrogen audio) is a pc program that will automatically add album art from a file when it transcodes (and you can transcode to the same format you started with). There is also a batch file on hydrogenaudio for transcoding flac to flac that can add art from a specified filename. I used this option for my flacs and updated them all to 1.1.4 -8 encoding at the same time as adding art. Search ha on flac 1.1.4 transcoding and you should find it. In Vista it has trouble finding the flacs so you have to first make a text file with all the names (there is a separate demo batch file that does this). Finally tag&rename is a pretty painless way to take care of things more manually.