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@josejuan05 wrote:

I know in the older (stable) releases there used to be an option in the mt-daapd.conf file for automatic folder art integration. But that seems to have disappeared from the file. I looked on an older machine and found the “art_filename = folder.jpg” line. So I placed it in my config file (I’m running SVN 1528 on Ubuntu 6.10). However, the art doesn’t show up in iTunes.

The feature has been killed. It was making the file serving code way too complex, not to mention it didn’t work when seeking, and it was corrupting alac files and making the soundbridge choke.

It was a mess, so I axed it. By now, pretty much all taggers support embedded art, and I think that’s probably the better way to go anyway.

If people get really up in arms about it, I might consider putting it back, but it will have to be in a different form that it is now.

— Ron