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Reply To: Soundbridge needs reboot to see Firefly after standby



@mmain wrote:

mDNSresponder and avahi-daemon are not running, both are disabled in fc5 startup.

The machine has two ethernet cards serving as a firewall between the local lan (eth0) and the adsl modem (eth1). The firewall runs under firestarter, which I had to manually amend originally to get multicast operating correctly, which under default configuration does not route.

I should probably point out that whilst the soundbridge does not seem to work with the later versions (1528, 1539), running iTunes from windows is fine.

Did it ever work in this machine with firestarter running?

And are you saying that you can see the server from a windows client, but not from the soundbridge client? Is that right? I’m not sure what that would point to. Multicast problems on the wireless access point? Could you move the sb to the wired network for testing?

Do you have a wireless laptop you could run on the wireless side to see if iTunes could see the it from a laptop on the wireless net?


If that’s the case, then it