FireFly Media Server (formerly mt-daapd)

Welcome back all those that are still using or had used [as I did] the Firefly Media Server created by Ron Pedde.

Development stopped many years ago and despite myself trying to get people involved there was no commitment in developing it further. There are still versions out there and there are some very good forked versions such as Jason‘s which was a complete rewrite of the Ron’s original release.

and more recently as a fork of the above and actively updated.

There is a very good discussion on Apple Communities as to why and how iTunes 10 broke FireFly and I never got to the bottom of the fix, safe to say that somewhere some of you are using it successfully. There is a helpful post here on a fix for this issue which the majority put down to iTunes and not FireFly, so its a helpful workaround.

There was some talk on the later versions and pairing remote apps with iTunes [Apple] and there are some useful blog posts on these issues here.

At the end of the day everything has moved on and we are 6 years ahead with many many technology leaps in this area. If your still using it, I hope this helps, if not then I hope your listening to music the way you want to!

In conclusion our thanks go to all the Firefly Community and in particular Ron for starting this project all those years ago and to those who tried to tweak it and keep it alive.