Shared library name changes in iTunes after mounting

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    Initially, I had my Firefly shared library named ‘Deitrich Tunage’ when I first installed and configured the server.

    I then decided to change it. I changed it first through the localhost:3689 port. The thing is, it still shows the old name in iTunes when you view the library UNTIL you mount it – then the name changes to deiTunes, which was the new name I added. The new name shows in iTunes as long as iTunes is open, but when you close and reopen iTunes, the old name shows again until the library is mounted.

    Any idea where this old name could be saved and coming from? I have looked at the mt-daapd.conf file in both the web based config system as well as through the terminal and it is changed in both places.

    I did have this library being served through iTunes on a windows system previously, but those .xml files are not located anywhere that the mt-daapd config is pointing – so I don’t believe there is any chance that it’s pulling some old iTunes config file.

    Any advice?



    Well, maybe iTunes itself is buffering it – but I think the bonjour/avahi/mDNS part might still have that cached.
    Did you restart the respective service after the name change?



    Well, a simple restart of the system appears to have fixed it. I’m so used to almost never having to restart my Macbook Pro that I just assumed the Linux box would react the same. Anyway – it appears to have corrected it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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